Burgers On The Boards

WARNING: If you’re at home or at work while starving & reading this post… your stomach will probably hate me. Proceed with [mouth watering] caution - 


Check out the girth on THESE burger!

Seriously though, you haven’t LIVED until you’ve taken a bite out of them.

Let me tell you all about them.

Introducing the: SoCal Burger + Rise & Shine Burger

Mmm. And no matter which angle you look at it, it still looks good.

What’s inside? Glad you asked.

SoCal Burger: Cheese, Avocado, Roasted Tomato, Sriracha Aioli

If you are craving a burger but don't want to feel weighed down - this is the burger to order. The roasted tomato and avocado add some nice flavor while the Sriracha aioli packs an unexpected punch!  

[Avocado lovers - Do you see that generous avo serving? They put 1/2 an avocado on the burger! #Blessed 🙌 ] 


Pork roll, egg, and cheese is the unofficial (yet pretty much official) state sandwich. Adding a juicy hunk of beef elevates this Jersey classic to burger heaven.

Rise & Shine: Cheese, Pork Roll, Sunny Side Up Egg

This is the perfect burger to order if you're craving breakfast for lunch or dinner. 

The best part was slamming down the bun and letting the yolk drip down the sides. The egg yolk complemented the flavors perfectly, and was extra tasty dipping my fries in! 

WARNING: A nap is needed after consumption of this burger! 

BB_5 .jpg

These burgers are offered at four different locations : 

Burger On The Boards: 4 North End Boardwalk - Ocean Grove, NJ 07756

Asbury Ale House: 531 Cookman Ave - Asbury Park, NJ 07741

Brielle Ale House: 601 Union Ave - Brielle, NJ 08730

Toms River Ale House: 1850 Hooper Ave - Toms River, NJ 08753

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