Tips To Eating Inside Firefly Music Festival

With Firefly this weekend, you may be spending all your extra time and money shopping for a new outfit or camping gear. What you may not know, in case that this is your first Firefly experience, is exactly how delicious (and expensive) the food may be.

Whether you’re camping or have no other choice but to purchase food during the festival, these tips will give you the lowdown on what you should know before buying.


Window shop before choosing your meal

This is pretty obvious advice to start with, but this will save you a ton of money in the long run. It is really easy to choose whatever line is the shortest (we’ve all been there) when you’re hungry and exhausted from the sun and all the walking. We recommend you do your research before Firefly begins to see what food vendors you’ll be interested in or give yourself a couple minutes to look around the food court area before buying a meal.

Here’s a look at this years vendors to give you an idea (+ vendors we're looking forwa)


Popular items run out

Unlike regular restaurants, the food vendors only make enough food to last the day - meaning, they may run out of ingredients well before the day is over. If you have had your eye on a specific plate, eat it earlier rather than later or you may not get the chance to do so at all.


Portion sizes vary greatly

You may believe that $10 will get you the same amount of food at each vendor but that is not the case. Each vendor is different and their prices don’t always reflect the quality or the size of the food. Your best bet? Ask someone with a delicious looking meal exactly where they got if from and if it was worth the money.


Choose your dessert wisely

Firefly not only brings its festival attendees a ridiculous amount of food but also a very diverse range of desserts. Ice cream and popsicles are extremely popular at the festival, especially with the weather hitting anywhere from 80 to 100 degrees. Try to limit yourself to only one dessert a day or those extra $4 to $10 of cooldown could cost you dearly.

Stick to your budget

You’re going to be tempted by every type of delicious eatery imaginable during the three-day festival. If the dehydration does not make you cave into buying the first thing you see, the beating sun, atmosphere, and your friends telling you to “just treat yo’ self” will. Don’t listen to their advice. Either limit yourself by bringing limited amounts of cash or having your buddies hold your precious plastic card hostage if you go overboard.

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