All the Snacks to Pack For Firefly Music Festival So You Don't Go Broke

Staying hydrated and snacking are musts if you plan on dancing through the weekend at Firefly Music Festival. Although there's always food and drinks once you enter the grounds, it's best to keep some nibbles on hand for a quick refuel.

photo by Firefly Music Festival

photo by Firefly Music Festival

Trail Mix

Trail mix is the perfect snack to keep your energy going from song to song. It's high in vitamins and minerals and will keep your blood sugar content steady so you won't crash middance.

Protein Bars

For a protein bar that won't melt in the heat, we swear by Probar. No matter which flavor you get, the snack bar acts as a great replacement meal if you are standing in a crowd waiting for the next act to go on.

Dried Fruit

Don't skimp on your servings of fruit over the weekend; pack away some dried fruit options. You can mix and match for your own customized blend.

Ring Pops

Hop back into your '90s groove with Ring Pops, because they are the only edible accessory you'll need at music festivals.

Gatorade Chews

Stay fueled for hours of dancing by eating Gatorade's Energy Chews.

Beef Jerky

Dry strips of meat will offer plenty of protein all weekend long.


Dancing in a crowd (in the sun) is guaranteed to make you sweat. A great way to rehydrate is by drinking electrolytes. Mix them into water for extra energy between shows.

Pixy Stix

Who loves these nostalgic treats? For a quick sugar high, Pixy Stix will give you the right amount of jolt and the powder also ensures this candy won't melt in your bag. WIN WIN!