Packing with Planet Box

Packing your lunch seems so easy. Why would you wait in line to spend money on an okay tasting lunch near the office when you could bring your own well-prepared meal from home? 

But when you've hit snooze on your alarm 5 times and you are running way behind, the last thing on your mind in the morning is packing your own [well balanced] lunch. 

That is no longer a problem thanks to Planet Box! PlanetBox serves as your easy guide for what and how much food to pack. They've seriously done all the hard work and thinking for you. All you have to do is fill the compartments with all of your favorite items and you're out the door!

I have the Rover box. It is perfect because I am one of those people who likes to have a little bit of everything for lunch. It fits up to 5 cups of food (+ a spot for a sweet treat) so I know I am getting a well balanced healthy meal. 

What I love most about Planet Box is that is helps you reduce the amount of trash you produce during the day. It allows you to place all of your food directly into the lunch box without having to wrap each individual items or fall into buying more pre packaged items (which are normally not the best for your diet). Any little bit counts to help make sure you’re doing your part to help the planet for future generations.

See below how I packed my meal for lunch today!

Meal: Fried Rice w/ Chicken Teriyaki / Avocado Toast / Carrots & Cucumber with Ranch Dressing

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