Taste of Travel With This Subscription Box

If you have been following us for a while, you know two things about us: 1. We love traveling 2. We LOVE meal subscription boxes. We recently found a subscription that combines both of these into one! 

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 1.34.14 PM.png

Here at Blonde Cravings we have a huge passion for traveling. One of our favorite parts of traveling is getting to experience the life of locals and trying out the different flavors of cuisine they offer. Our dream has always been to take a trip to Fiji and New Zealand.  I mean, have you seen those little huts over the water? YES PLEASE! But until we achieve that dream, we'll settle for the next best thing.. 


a monthly subscription box focusing on boutique products  sourced from small artisan producers all over the South Pacific, from Fiji and Vanuatu to Tonga, Samoa, Rarotonga and New Zealand.

Inside the box I found a carefully curated collection of 8-10 full size items. Yes, you read that right .. FULL SIZE! No mini samples here. They were all delicious and unique artisan products that I could never find on the shelves here in the United States. There was such a solid range of products. From culinary delights to spice up your regular dishes to spreads and condiments to add to your every day meals. Also, my favorite part there was a little dessert treat included in my box too! 


So you can get an idea of what kind of products you can expect in these monthly boxes - here are 3 amazing products:

Wild Country Mustard: Crafted in a small rural town in the Waikato, this buttery and simply delectable mustard is something we just can't get enough of. Perfect addition to your antipasto platters, burgers, ham sandwiches and wraps!

Mash Tun Crackers: These cracakers are made with spent grains from New Zealand's finest artisan craft breweries and their finest brews. The best artisan cracker to put out at your next party!

Kerikeri Tea : Produced by master blenders in a small northland town called Kerikeri, this coconut and Manuka leaf tea blend is refreshing hot or cold and contributes to the gentle tropical smell that greets you when first discovering your KeteKoha.

Note: Every month's box is different. Products listed above are not guaranteed in your box.



1. Kete Koha searches every corner in the South Pacific to find unique artisan producers that they know you'll love!

2. You choose how often you would like to receive a new collection of South Pacific goods and they will deliver new flavors direct to your door or desk, all the way from New Zealand!

3.  Sit back and enjoy the flavors of the South Pacific regions in your own home. 

Kete Koha is seriously the coolest subscription box we have discovered. From carefully curated collection of 8-10 full size items from (literally) across the world to minimal plastic to keeping this box environmentally friendly we can't get enough! 

We want you to be able to experience this awesomeness too! Use code BLONDECRAVINGS at check out and receive $10 off your first purchase. Click here to get started.



Our New TV Show: CRAVINGS!

Are you ready to Devour Delmarva?

Blonde Cravings introduces CRAVINGS! a new series dedicated to food porn, recipes, and a behind the scenes look at your soon-to-be favorite restaurants from around Delmarva.

Watch our series trailer below -

Milkshake Mania

From crazy to over the top, these local restaurants battled it out to create the most creative and tastiest milkshakes they could think of!


Yesterday we attended Mug & Spoon + Dewey Artists Collaboration's Milkshake Mania event at the Rehoboth Beach Band Stand, as celebrity judges to find the best milkshake in coastal Delaware! Let us tell you - these milkshake makers brought their A game .. that's for sure!

This event was 11 local establishments battling it out to win the title of best milkshake in Delaware - as well as best topping, best creamery, best restaurant, & peoples choice. All proceeds benefited the Dewey Artist Collaboration.


Childhood Day at the Boardwalk: It is made with Dolles caramel corn ice cream and thrashers fries ice cream and is topped with fries, gummies, fudge, caramel corn, & salt water taffy.

photo by  Blonde Cravings
photo by  Blonde Cravings

Matt's Fish Camp

Everything Reese's Milkshake: Reese's Puff's Cereal Milk, Reese's Pieces, Reese's Cups, Chocolate Covered Reeses Pretzel, Chocolate covered hazelnut pirouline, Hopkins Farm ice cream.

photo by  Blonde Cravings

Casa DiLeo

Casa Di Leo: Tiaramisu milkshake topped with cannoli and truffles.

photo by  Blonde Cravings
photo by  Blonde Cravings

Dogfish Head

Flames & the Giant Peach: Festina Peche Milkshake with a peach and bacon marmalade, and a ginger snap crumble.


The Frozen Farmer

Frozen Farmer: Peanut butter and Strawberry jam milkshake using homegrown strawberries from their fields at Evans Farms. Toppings include whipped cream,chopped peanuts, a homemade strawberry muffin with peanut butter icing, half a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich & a whole homegrown strawberry

photo by  Blonde Cravings
photo by  Blonde Cravings


photo by  Blonde Cravings

Mug & Spoon

Permanent Vacations: Cold Brew ice cream made with their 'Permanent Vacation' house blend coffee, caramel, chocolate, and dark chocolate covered espresso beans, topped with a waffle crown, a slice of caramel brownie cheesecake, a tiny caramel latte, and the best of the best dark chocolate toppings.


The Icecream Store

photo by  Blonde Cravings
photo by  Blonde Cravings
photo by  Blonde Cravings

Big Fish Grill

Cosmic Coconut Dream: Coconut milk shake with raspberry puree, a slice of raspberry lemon mascarpone tort, lemon macaroons, white chocolate drip, raspberry pearls, white chocolate caviar, rock candy, and whipped cream.

photo by  Blonde Cravings
photo by  Blonde Cravings




photo by  Blonde Cravings

And the winner is.. 

Congrats Mug & Spoon for winning overall milkshake!

2nd place Vanderwende's Ice Cream & Dairy

3rd place The Ice Cream Store

Best Creamery Vanderwende Farm Creamery

 Best Restaurant a(muse.)

 Best topping The Frozen Farmer

People's Choice Matt's Fish Camp Lewes


Your Guide To Drinking at Firefly Music Festival

Let’s be honest. If you’re going to a music festival you’re going to want to have a drink. Or two, or three, or twelve…


This years vendors at Firefly include:

  • BudLight
  • Dogfish Head
  • Bulleit Frontier Whisky
  • Deep Eddy Vodka
  • The Naked Turtle White Rum
  • Riunite


This is the official beer sponsor of Firefly Music Festival yet again! You can get yourself a cold one all around the festival. We heard that this year they are adding Bud Light vending machines around the festival that not only ensure you get your beer quicker but they also will open the can for you too! [Don't quote us on this ... we read it in our forum group] But it this is true.. HOW AWESOME!

photo via Dogfish Head

photo via Dogfish Head


Dogfish Head is coming back again this year as the official craft beer sponsor.. and we couldn't be happier! New this year to the brewery is their remixed version of their Firefly Ale! Brewed with guava puree and coconut flower nectar, the 2018 Firefly Ale is full of tropical notes with a subtle sweetness. We can't wait to try this! 


The Bulleit Woody is making its way to Firefly. Be sure to stop by the Bulleit Woody, located near the main stage for specialty Bulleit cocktails and the coolest tailgate trailer you’ve ever seen.

photo by Firefly Music Festival

photo by Firefly Music Festival


Deep Eddy Vodka is teaming up with Sputnik Yoga to present FREE daily yoga and brunch with a Bloody Mary bar! You won't want to miss this experience.


Stop by the Naked Turtle Rum Shack this year for delicious drinks and fun giveaways, where the first 1,000 drinks sold each day will be served in a free reusable cup! Oh and did we mention every bottle made saves a baby sea turtle?! WIN WIN!

photo by Firefly Music Festival

photo by Firefly Music Festival


 Looking for a refreshing drink during Firefly? Head over to Camp Riunite by Riunite for a cool glass of Lambrusco, or a Frozen Peach Moscato. You can guarentee you'll see us there!

While all of these drinking experiences are fun to do + who doesn't love day drinking .. we figure we should give you some helpful tips so you don't crash or cause a scene. Remeber this is supposed to be fun .. not a disaster!

Day drinking

Frowned upon by some, celebrated by many, and perfected by few, here’s a list of day drinking tips and tricks because we believe sharing is caring.

  1. Alternate drinks with waters - you don't want to be "that guy" running wildly around the festival.
  2. If you’re starting the day hungover, the first beer is always the hardest. Get it down as fast as possible and you will feel better. We suggest something that’s essentially water, like light beer. 
  3. If you don’t want to only drink beer, starting with liquor and slowly phasing into beers will help you stay up all day and keep a buzz. The reverse may make you sleepy.
  4. Trying to stay coherent? Be sure you don’t switch between liquors. It gets you super drunk. Some call it the Russian roulette of day drinking – who knows if you’ll make it through the day.  


Camping at Firefly? How To Pack Your Food Like A Pro!

Storing your food while camping is extremely important, but it doesn’t have to be scary! While bringing you own meals to Firefly will save you a ton of money, it is a little time consuming. Advance planning and organization is key. Besides being economical, the payoffs include the satisfaction of bonding with friends over a meal you made outdoors. Here is our guide to packing you food like a pro:


Prep It Up

You are going to want to become friends with your freezer a few days before you leave. Keep all your meat frozen until everything else is packed and you are about to leave. Freeze water bottles and gallons of water to keep your food cool - you will eventually use that same water to hydrate once they defrost. Freeze sheets of ice in freezer bags that will lay down flat in your cooler.

Create a meal plan and make sure your meat heavy dishes will be prepared in the first 2 days. Cook a few pounds of grains (rice, farro, quinoa) for grain salad/grain bowls and prepare a sauce or dressing separately. Don’t mix until you are ready to serve. 

Ice Ice Baby

Plan on replenishing your ice once or twice a day depending on the quality of your cooler and the level of heat. Ice can be found at the Hub and at some of the smaller camp stores as well throughout the festival. There are several high end coolers out there, but by far the best for the money are plain old, thick walled styrofoam coolers. It’s not fancy, but they have a great insulating value for very little money.

Dry ice is another alternative. Dry ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide. Because it sublimates directly into a gas, it doesn’t leave a puddle when it melts. It’s also extremely cold, so it keeps your food colder longer. Don’t put food directly in dry ice as it will freeze. Instead, put a layer of dry ice at the bottom of your cooler covered with a thin towel. Then, put your regular ice on top. It’ll last longer. DON’T try to handle dry ice. It can give you frostbite. Dry ice can be found at some grocery stores, or Google “dry ice” and your zip code to find a supplier.

Store It

Depending on the size of your crew, you might want to consider bringing three coolers: one for meat, one for clean ice and drinks, and one for all other perishable food. Keep your coolers in the shade of your tents/shade structures, and not in your hot car. Put egg cartons (and any other fragile items) into a harder plastic container to prevent crushing (or, you could pre-scramble eggs and keep in a mason jar). Also, put more fragile things (veggies etc.) towards the top of the cooler. You can use trays/cooling racks to divide things into shelves/layers in your cooler.

For storage outside of the coolers, bring large plastic totes for all other non-perishable items. Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you should sacrifice taste. Spices are key, pack them in old medicine bottles, Tic Tac containers, or days of the week pill containers.

Keep it So Fresh and So Clean

Garbage bags are not something you are allowed to forget. Bring many, and separate your trash from your recycling as you go (do separate colored bags or use colored tape to mark which is which). Paper towels, sponges, a small container of soap, and kitchen wipes should also be kept handy. Consider purchasing biodegradable plates and silverware to make cleanup easier. Don’t leave any nasty food remnants out, unless you love bugs. You might want to think about organizing cooking supplies and utensils and paper towels by hanging up a shoe organizer and using the pockets.

Get a potable water container to bring back water to the campsite for cleanup of utensils. There are spigots at designated spots throughout the campsite.

Follow these suggestions, and you’ll have a tasty and safe food experience at the Woodlands. In the meantime, talk to me, what are your favorite food storage tips or really bad mistakes?



And for those of you saw all that text above & skipped right to the bottom

- Use a bigger cooler and put in 20lbs of dry ice on Wednesday morning before heading to the festival.

- We recommend blocks of dry ice rather than the pellets. We’ve noticed that the blocks last longer.

- Keep it protected!!! Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. IT DOES NOT MELT, IT EVAPORATES. The trick to getting it to last is keeping it from being exposed to air.

- A good 5 day cooler will suffice for music festivals in most cases. You don’t need to spend $400 on a Yeti cooler and honestly, would you want a $400 cooler laying around your campsite?

- Styrofoam coolers end up breaking and causing a giant mess and that’s bad for the environment. Just don’t.

- Keep coolers out of the sun. A dark-colored cooler will absorb the sun’s heat and your ice won’t last as long. Throw a light colored or white sheet over it or keep it under your canopy.

- Freeze or refrigerate any foods that will go into the cooler ahead of time. If you put warm food or beverages in, you’re relying on the ice to cool that stuff and it will make your ice work harder and melt faster.

- Some people like to freeze 2 liter soda bottles filled with water. It’s a good method, works well and provides you with cold drinking water over the weekend.

- Placing a towel over your ice inside the cooler is a good extra layer of protection too.

- Ice is also available for sale in the campgrounds, but go early in the morning, so you can avoid lines. They also drive around the campgrounds selling ice for $5 a bag.


All the Snacks to Pack For Firefly Music Festival So You Don't Go Broke

Staying hydrated and snacking are musts if you plan on dancing through the weekend at Firefly Music Festival. Although there's always food and drinks once you enter the grounds, it's best to keep some nibbles on hand for a quick refuel.

photo by Firefly Music Festival

photo by Firefly Music Festival

Trail Mix

Trail mix is the perfect snack to keep your energy going from song to song. It's high in vitamins and minerals and will keep your blood sugar content steady so you won't crash middance.

Protein Bars

For a protein bar that won't melt in the heat, we swear by Probar. No matter which flavor you get, the snack bar acts as a great replacement meal if you are standing in a crowd waiting for the next act to go on.

Dried Fruit

Don't skimp on your servings of fruit over the weekend; pack away some dried fruit options. You can mix and match for your own customized blend.

Ring Pops

Hop back into your '90s groove with Ring Pops, because they are the only edible accessory you'll need at music festivals.

Gatorade Chews

Stay fueled for hours of dancing by eating Gatorade's Energy Chews.

Beef Jerky

Dry strips of meat will offer plenty of protein all weekend long.


Dancing in a crowd (in the sun) is guaranteed to make you sweat. A great way to rehydrate is by drinking electrolytes. Mix them into water for extra energy between shows.

Pixy Stix

Who loves these nostalgic treats? For a quick sugar high, Pixy Stix will give you the right amount of jolt and the powder also ensures this candy won't melt in your bag. WIN WIN!

Tips To Eating Inside Firefly Music Festival

With Firefly this weekend, you may be spending all your extra time and money shopping for a new outfit or camping gear. What you may not know, in case that this is your first Firefly experience, is exactly how delicious (and expensive) the food may be.

Whether you’re camping or have no other choice but to purchase food during the festival, these tips will give you the lowdown on what you should know before buying.


Window shop before choosing your meal

This is pretty obvious advice to start with, but this will save you a ton of money in the long run. It is really easy to choose whatever line is the shortest (we’ve all been there) when you’re hungry and exhausted from the sun and all the walking. We recommend you do your research before Firefly begins to see what food vendors you’ll be interested in or give yourself a couple minutes to look around the food court area before buying a meal.

Here’s a look at this years vendors to give you an idea (+ vendors we're looking forwa)


Popular items run out

Unlike regular restaurants, the food vendors only make enough food to last the day - meaning, they may run out of ingredients well before the day is over. If you have had your eye on a specific plate, eat it earlier rather than later or you may not get the chance to do so at all.


Portion sizes vary greatly

You may believe that $10 will get you the same amount of food at each vendor but that is not the case. Each vendor is different and their prices don’t always reflect the quality or the size of the food. Your best bet? Ask someone with a delicious looking meal exactly where they got if from and if it was worth the money.


Choose your dessert wisely

Firefly not only brings its festival attendees a ridiculous amount of food but also a very diverse range of desserts. Ice cream and popsicles are extremely popular at the festival, especially with the weather hitting anywhere from 80 to 100 degrees. Try to limit yourself to only one dessert a day or those extra $4 to $10 of cooldown could cost you dearly.

Stick to your budget

You’re going to be tempted by every type of delicious eatery imaginable during the three-day festival. If the dehydration does not make you cave into buying the first thing you see, the beating sun, atmosphere, and your friends telling you to “just treat yo’ self” will. Don’t listen to their advice. Either limit yourself by bringing limited amounts of cash or having your buddies hold your precious plastic card hostage if you go overboard.

Follow Blonde Cravings

Be sure to follow Blond Cravings on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on all the foodie fun happening at Firefly. We will be posting daily about the best deals, drinks, and desserts you can get! Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered!



Inside FireFly Music Festival Survival Kit 

Festival season has arrived and while you’ve most likely had your outfits picked out since you bought your tickets, the rest of your packing list may remain a bit of a question mark. Especially, if you’re a first time fest goer. This is our sixth festival so we feel like we have a pretty good idea of what is important to bring inside the festival & whats a total waste. Here are some essentials to throw in your bag to make sure your experience lives up to all the hype. 


Before you even leave your campsite to head to the festival made sure you have:

1. Your friends you are planning on going with. Or at least just one. Don't head in solo.

2. Your wallet! with whatever form of payment you're bringing - remember Firefly is 95% Cashless so set up apple pay or bring a debit card! 

3. Firefly has pretty terrible cell service which tends to drain the battery pretty quick. Have your crews phone numbers written down on a piece of paper in your wallet . Why? Because do you know all your friends number by heart? Didn't think so. If you need to use someones working phone to call them - you'll need their number!

4. Have the Firefly official app downloaded to your phone.

H20 Carrier

Beer is NOT water. You will crash hard if you do not take that tip seriously. Not only is hydrating while basking in the sun is a must, it will also keep you from getting leg and foot cramps. Sure, you can buy water bottles as you go, but a reusable stainless steel water guy is infinitely more earth (and wallet) friendly. Plus, it will keep your water cool in steamy conditions. PRO TIP: Refill your bottle at the end of the day so you are set for the morning.


Because, duh, it’s 2018 and using sunscreen is cool now! Being in the sun for at least 5+ hours a day is no joke. While the trees in The Woodlands offer lots of shade, there are a lot of open areas where intense sunburn is inevitable without proper preparation. PRO TIP: You can still get burned on overcast days - wear sunscreen everyday! 

Healthy Snacks

A protein-packed bar in your bag will most certainly keep you going when your favorites are playing back to back. If your itinerary goes over more than a day, bring a whole box—because you never know when you (or someone around you) will need a boost.

Electrolyte Tablets

Between the sun, the dancing, and the booze, dehydration can be a real factor. Crush one of these tablets up in a glass of water and you'll feel good as new in a snap.

Portable Phone Charger

This is such a lifesaver. While Firefly does have charging stations (but that costs $$ & they are always full) bring your own portable battery pack. I recommend bringing 2. This will ensure your phone never dies while you are inside the festival so you can keep the selfies and snapchats going all night long!

Disposable Poncho

An easy poncho to throw on at a moment's notice makes standing through sudden downpours much more pleasant. And trust us, you don't want to be the person with the umbrella blocking everyone's view.

Blister Bandages

Even the most well-broken-in shoes can start to rub after standing (and dancing) for hours on end—save your feet the drama and come packing blister-blocking bandages. 

Bug Spray

Pest repellant is a definite must-have if you're heading to a bug-ridden zone. Nothing distracts from a good set like a brand-new cluster of mosquito bites on your leg.

A Battery-Powered Fan

This little gadget provides a fine mist that'll keep you going in even the hottest heat. It's the next best thing to portable air conditioning.

For more information about Firefly Music Festival visit them online at: fireflyfestival.com and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Firefly Food Lineup

Are you stoked for Firefly next week? We are! 

We're excited for next week because on Thursday June 14th, Firefly Music Festival kicks off. This year it isn't just the music lineup at this popular 4 day long festival in sunny DE that has us shaking in our work seats — it's the grub!

Yes, Kendrick Lamar and MGMT may be performing — but all we can really think about are the endless loaded fries, tacos, and two- story ice cream sammy options to be held, Instagrammed, and consumed all in one glorious place.

Even if you won't be attending, a little food porn never hurt — but it will cause major food-envy. So, scroll down to check out this year's snack rundown and stay tuned for some delicious pics!


Use this list to plan out your eating at Firefly. Too overwhelming? Here are some of our favorite you definitely have to check out.


What are you food vendor(s) are you most excited about? We're definitely most pumped for Shake Shack & Big Mozz. I mean, you just can't go wrong with burgers, milkshakes, (award winning) mozzarella sticks, & fried cookie dough! They are two of our faves that we enjoy when we travel to NYC. With both of them being in Delaware for a weekend, we will stand on any long line to enjoy them!

To stay up to date with all the Firefly food news, see exactly what we are eating, and what we recommend - follow us on Instagram and Facebook

Firefly Food Rewind

Firefly Music Festival is known for having an amazing artist line up, but they also have a killer food line up too! From good ol' greasy American food to vegan & vegetarian options - they have something for everybody!

With Firefly coming up in just ONE WEEK we thought it would be fun to look back on all of our favorite bites from last year. 


Nameless Taco was probably our favorite food vendor last year. We ate I think 3, maybe 4 of our meals there that weekend. I'm still dreaming about those fried avocado tacos & street corn!

Photo by  Blonde Cravings
Photo by  Blonde Cravings


I usually don't go for milkshakes and dessert mid festival, but I made an exception for Sweet Tooth. We saw about 50 people walking around with Root Beer Floats and Banana Babies so we just had to jump in line!

Photo by  Blonde Cravings
Photo by  Blonde Cravings


Okay, we should have put this at the top of the list because it's the first thing we bought, and the one thing we bought a lot of. After 3 years of Firefly, it has turned into tradition that the first day we get there we immediately head to the Bud Light tent. (on our way to Dogfish Head of course)

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

The Butt Hutt

This is the perfect sampling of what this amazing Florida BBQ Food Truck offered. This pork taco topped with the freshest pico de gallo was out of this world! The mac n' cheese? Well.. you can never go wrong with homemade Mac!

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

Charm City Kitchen

Sometimes you just want to keep it classic: Chicken Fingers, Fries, & Ketchup. This was the perfect meal to split in between sets when I just needed a little something to keep my energy up but didn't want to get too full. These were probably the crispiest chicken fingers I've ever had too! 

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

Cool Haus

I've been following Cool Haus for a while on Instagram. So when I saw their food truck at Firefly, I didn't walk... I ran! For those who don't know - Cool Haus is a women - owned company that makes architecturally inspired, gourmet desserts. I got my favorite combo Strawberry Icecream & Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Photo by  Blonde Cravings


On the search for some veggies we stumbled upon Wok On The Wild Side an asian-fusion vendor. They offer the best soba noodles and fresh vegetables, that get wok-spun in their delicious signature sauces. It was incredible!

Photo by  Blonde Cravings


From the moment the Firefly food lineup came out, these cereal cakes were on my must try list! This monster is made up of funnel cakes, honey glaze, fruit loops, whipped cream, and confectioners sugar. We got so many looks and people asking where the heck they could order that. I wish we could say we finisihed it .. but it was ALOT.

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

There ya have it - a look back at our 2017 food journey. We plan on eating and exploring so much more of the festival offerings this year. Are you going to Firefly this year? We'd love to hear what food vendors you're looking forward to trying!

For a FULL LIST of this years food line up - click here [plus we added in our faves we think you have to check out too!]

DelFest 2018

 Memorial Day Weekend is usually when people escape to the beach for a fun weekend with friends - but since we live here, we escaped the beach and headed to the woods of Maryland.


We were invited to DelFest Music Festival to cover all of the amazing food they were offering this year. New city, new music festival, new food ? Of course we were 100% down!

Quick run down of what DelFest is. DelFest is a 3 day bluegrass music festival held in Cumberland Maryland at the Allegany County Fairgrounds. The festival originated from the desire to create a family-friendly music festival celebrating the rich legacy of McCoury Music while creating a venue for world-class musical collaborations and to showcase fresh new talent with a down-home feeling. 

BOLD ROCK & SWEET WATER BREWING CO. quenched our thirst all weekend long! (note: Bold Rock's hard cider is gluten free!)


Archie's BBQ

This was hands down the best BBQ we've ever had - not even exaggerating. This pulled pork was tender, juicy & everything a BBQ lover could want. The slaw added a nice creamy crunch to the sandwich as well. 

We had a bunch of people asking us what we would recommend for lunch and every time we had to point them to Archie's!


The Queen City Creamery

One of our favorite things at festivals is trying the local vendors. It's so fun to try food that Cumberland locals get to enjoy year round, and honestly, they are always the best food available! Insert: The Queen City Creamery. At 85 degrees and humid it was definitely necessary to take an ice cream break to cool off and this was the perfect spot to do so!

We enjoyed Vanilla Cherry - which only lasted for about .5 seconds past this photo! 


The Flaming Wok

Vegan? Vegetarian? Or just looking for something besides fried sandwiches and pizza? Then The Flaming Wok is for you. The offered a good amount of veg options (not necessary healthy - but veg options nonetheless!) with an ethnic flare. We loved trying their sampler plate because it was so hard for us to decide on just one meal to order. Insider Tip: You will get very full & might need to take a break from dancing for a few! 



We couldn't see a HUGE sign for tacos and not stop! We ordered the fried avocado & bbq chicken tacos. They are exactly what you would expect to receive at a festival - just a generic overpriced taco. (just keeping it real) If you're looking to fuel up without being too full, this is definitely the vendor to visit.


Puccini Restaurant

It torrential down poured the third day of DelFest so we opted to eat at a local restaurant near the festival instead. We saw great reviews for Puccini Restaurant so we decided to pop in and beat the rain. Once we got there we realized how much awesome history was behind this building. Like the fact that it was built in 1818, a temporary hospital for wounded soldiers during the Battle of Folck’s Mill. Wounded soldier’s etchings can still be seen on the plaster of the third floor walls. So cool!

We ordered crab dip & cheesy bread (pictured), a bruschetta burger, and a honey bbq pizza. Can you tell we like BBQ yet?


We had such an amazing time attending DelFest and exploring Cumberland, MD. Thank you so much DelFest for inviting us to this years event. We already are looking forward to next year! #DelYeah

For more information about DelFest visit: delfest.com

Treat Your Self With The Carnivore Club

Sometimes you deserve to treat yourself! Who am I kidding .. I am a big believer in ALWAYS treating yourself.


If you are new to Blonde Cravings then you wouldn’t know this ( well.. now you will 😜) I am obsessed with the brand The Carnivore Club. The Carnivore Club is the world’s first subscription service featuring premium cured meats delivered right to your door. How amazing is that?! It’s basically amazon prime for meat. 

I first was introduced to The Carnivore Club when they sent me an exotic jerky bouquet to give to my fiancé for Valentines day. It had elk, buffalo, and venison jerky. I definitely won some brownie points for this gift. He loved it! And I love stealing some when he wasn’t looking! No wonder this company has been loved by so many for well over a century.


From that point on I was hooked and already running back to their website to see what else I could order. I work from home most days so being able to have a quick, healthy and tasty snack on hand is so important. But I'm not going to lie, Nick and I have used our Carnivore Club box to make a mean meat & cheese platter mid work day. (And yes.. we felt pretty boujee.)


Looking to step up your snack game? Right now The Carnivore Club is offering a free Opinel knife to new US subscribers. Click here to order your first box & receive your free gift with code BLONDECRAVINGS -  bit.ly/BlondeCravings_CC


When you receive your box, we would love to see pics of what you ordered and the creations you make with it! Tag us on Instagram @blondecravings


Made in Partnership with The Carnivore Club

Cupcakes & Cocktails

Last night we attended the Cocktails and Cupcakes event hosted by Happy Hour Events and A Sweet Affair Weddings & Events.

This event was a women in business networking event to benefit the Formal Dress Project - a nonprofit organization that collects gently used formal dresses and accessories to sell for a minimal cost to local high school students.

It was a fun night to meet other women in business, enjoy champagne cocktails and delicious cupcakes made from local bakeries . To add to the fun, we got to judge the cupcakes as well as the ladies who attended. We gotta say - this was a tougher job than it sounds.

Photo Mar 21, 6 39 25 PM.jpg

The Station on Kings

Coconut Cake with Passion Fruit Curd, Mango Buttercream and candied Pistachios.


Lefty's Alley & Eats

Devil’s Food Cupcake with Strawberry Buttercream dipped in Chocolate.


Bethany Blues

Lemon Blueberry Cupcake with a Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.


Blue Moon

Chocolate Cupcake with Chamboard Buttercream.


3 Blonde Baker's

Chocolate Coconut Cupcake with Caramel Buttercream icing dipped in Chocolate and rolled in Toasted Coconut.


How delicious do these all look??!! 

And the winner of the 2018 Cupcake & Cocktail contest is ....

The Station On Kings

Station on .jpg

We had such a great time, and got to meet so many awesome women killing it in the business world. Thank you again Dana and Katina for hosting such an amazing event! We can't wait for the next one!

Eating Healthy On The Go

Between running our own business and planning a wedding, my lifestyle can sometimes be completely chaotic. My goal for 2018 is to start eating a little cleaner and healthier.


For those of you who may not know, Nick and I are getting married in September. Between running our business and planning our wedding [which is no joke!], I'm usually running off of multiple cups of coffee and eating whatever is "quick" in between photoshoots. By the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is make dinner. I have tried the meal delivery services and the "quick meals ideas" on Pinterest. Yeah they were great, but neither were practical or worth the money. We have resorted to quite a bit of take out in 2018, which clearly isn't the healthiest - and I have to fit in to a wedding dress in 6 months! [eek!]

Enter: Eduplated

Eduplated is an app that helps you make smarter nutritional decisions for your lifestyle with a virtual dietitian - so you never have to leave your house. This is so perfect, because I do not have time to be prepping food for an hour everyday, let alone make multiple appointments to meet with a dietitian. 


I signed up for Eduplated, because for me,  I am looking to cut back on my dairy and sugar intake as well as just eat cleaner overall without spending a couple hours a week meal prepping or cooking meals that take over an hour.

I was paired with Morgan RDN who created a personalized meal plan for me - complete with recipe links, recommended brands, serving sizes, substitutions, and other tips to help me reach my goals.

Here are some of the meals she put together for me. 


Avocado Toast / Veggie & Fruit Smoothie / Oatmeal with fruit. 

This all is simple, healthy breakfast ideas that took me under 5 minutes to make and 5 minutes to eat. Exactly what I needed. 


Apples with Almond Butter / Hummus and Veggies / Granola Bar. 

All of these snacks were easy to take on the go and were actually flavorful. Who wants a bland snack? Not me. 


Tuna Salad with Lettuce & Spinach / Greek Salad

These two meals were stepping out of my comfort zone. I have never eaten either of these meals before, but they were actually incredibly delicious and didn't leave me feel disgustingly full. Yay for new favorite recipes!


Homemade Flatbread / Salmon with Salad / Shrimp & Zoodles

Now that I've been eating 3 balanced meals a day (+ snacks) , I'm having an easier time with portion sizes at dinner. I know longer have to make up my calories at dinner by binge eating.

The second I saw Morgan put seafood in my meal plan, I got super stoked. I am a huge seafood lover, so trying a new simple recipe with my favorite food had me looking forward to making dinner this week. 

Why you should try Eduplated

Forget the meal delivery services, the Pinterest diets, and the juice cleanses. EduPlated is for individuals, parents, and children who are looking to eat healthier and live a more active lifestyle. Their nutritional advice is great if you're looking for weight-loss, nutritional plans for medical conditions, mitigating food allergies, and enhanced athletic performance.

Individuals select from (I) monthly for $49, (II) 3-months for $135 ($45/month) or (III) 12 months for $449 ($36/month). All plans include:

  • Pairing with the right dietitian based upon client goals and needs
  • Unlimited interaction with your dietitian, anytime, anywhere
  • Caloric assessment, nutrition analysis, customized meal plans and much more

To get started with EduPlated, download the app here.  

For 15% off your first month use code blondecravings15 at checkout.


Created in Parntership with EduPlated. All opinions and content are my own. 

Where To Watch The Super Bowl

Super Bowl LII is here, and it’s almost time to for the Philadelphia Eagles to challenge the reigning champions, the New England Patriots. Also to eat great food, watch some beer commercials, and see if Justin Timberlake can make it through a halftime show without ...(well, you know what we're talking about).

Figuring out the best way to watch the game can be a complicated affair. The football is great, but the food is also just as important. So many restaurants around the area are serving up some great food & drink specials, so we will be going out to watch the game this year.

Here are a few of the awesome deals you can score this Sunday!

Hooked Up Ale House

DRINKS: The Eagles Crush, Green & Black, The Touch Down, In Nick's TEAm We Trust

FOOD: $5 Cheesesteaks  .. See Full Menu Here


Zogg's Raw Bar & Grill

DRINKS: Bud lt, Miller lite, Modello 24oz can, Zogg’s Rum Punch specials // Free champagne toast(When the Eagles win)

FOOD: -Pig Roast/Taco Bar- pick the pork right off the hog!
-$1 raw Bar- Oysters and Clams
-Philly themed food-cheese steaks, roast pork n broccoli rabe, with rolls from Lucio’s Bakery in Philly, cheese steak egg rolls, cheese steak nachos, roast pork rice bowls, and much more.

[They are also running specials all weekend check them out here

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

Blue Earl Brewing

DRINKS: Unveiling a new brew, Fly Like an Eagle

FOOD: Full spread from Delicious Craving Food Truck.. See Full Menu Here

16 Mile Brewing Company

DRINKS: Core Beers $2 each 

FOOD: 2 Slices of Pizza or 2 Meatball Sliders for $1

Visit their website

Grotto's Pizza

FOOD: 2 Large Pizzas $20 (toppings extra)

Must call ahead

Visit their website

Lefty's Alley & Eats

DRINKS: $2.50 select domestic pints

FOOD: $1 Mix and Match Sliders / 20 Wings for $13.50

Visit their website

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

The Greene Turtle (Ocean City)

DRINKS: $10 You Keep the Mug Domestic Drafts and $2 Refills or $12 Craft Brew Mug with $4 Refills

FOOD: $7 Appetizer Baskets including Hog Hammers, Fried Mozzarella, Bavarian Pretzel Sticks, Onion Rings, Fried Pickles, 6 Wings, 8 Bites, Pub Fries or Sliders & Straws PLUS... $8 1/2lb Steamed Shrimp

Visit their website

Do you know of other awesome game day specials happening around Delmarva that we missed? Send us an email and we will update the article.

Winter Cocktail Party With Dogfish Distiling Co. at Fork & Flask at Nage

Last night we celebrated the "art of the cocktail" at Fork + Flask where eight of the area's best bartenders faced off using Dogfish Head Distilling Co.'s Barrel Honey Rum in hopes to make the best cocktail ever!

Proceeds from the event benefit The RehobothFoodie.com/Touch of Italy Culinary Scholarship Fund, which helps send a lucky culinary student to culinary school. So awesome!

We were lucky enough to be a judge with chef Hari Cameron and The Rehoboth Foodie to help decide who used the Dogfish rum the best. It was not an easy task. 

Here was the line up: 


Dogfish Head Barrel Honey Rum, Carpano Artica Vermouth, Fresh Lemon Juice, Raspberry, Blackberry, Mint, Chartreuse Spritz!

photo by  Blonde Cravings


Dogfish Head Barrel Honey Rum, Cucumber/Mint/Ginger Simple Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Club Soda.

photo by  Blonde Cravings


Dogfish Head Barrel Honey Rum, Banana Espresso, Brown Sugar, Honey

photo by  Blonde Cravings


Dogfish Head Barrel Honey Rum, Smith & Cross Rum, Cruzan BlackStrap Rum, Velvet Farenum, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice, Mint, Ginger, Cane Sugar, Simple Syrup, Mint Garnish.

photo by  Blonde Cravings


Dogfish Head Barrel Honey Rum, Pina Colada, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Sugar, Whipped Cream, Pineapples

photo by  Blonde Cravings


Dogfish Head Barrel Honey Rum, Pineapple Juice, Guava, Dram, Habanero, Honey, Lime

photo by  Blonde Cravings


Dogfish Head Barrel Honey Rum, Butter, Coffee Gelato, Brown Sugar, Espresso, Cocoa

photo by  Blonde Cravings


Dogfish Head Barrel Honey Rum, OJ, Pineapple, Lime Juice, Orange Curacao, Amaretto, Cayenne, Lupa Luau Beer Float - Cherry-Lime Garnish

photo by  Blonde Cravings

And the winner is ...



Thank you again to Fork & Flask + Dogfish Head Distilling for an awesome event. We already can't wait until next years! 


Rombaur Wine Dinner with SoDel Concepts

This past Thursday (Jan. 25, 2018) we had the opportunity to attend the Napa Comes To Delaware, Rombaur Wine Dinner hosted by SoDel Concepts at Bluecoast Rehoboth. 

Chef Jason Dietterick and the East Coast Brand Manager for Rombauer Vineyards, Jim Teegan,  put together an amazing five course menu paired with five amazing Rombaur wines.

Course #1: Kombu Cured Tuna

Citrus Green Tea Emulsion, Green Papaya, Shaved Radish 

2016 Sauvignon Blanc

photo by Blonde Cravings

photo by Blonde Cravings

Course #2: Nantucket Bay Scallop Chowder

Braised Pork Belly, Potato, Uni Butter Crostini

2016 Chardonnay

photo by  Blonde Cravings

Course #3: Seared Labella Farms Foie Gras

Ginger Bread, Current Chutney, Sherry Black Pepper Gastrique

2015 Zinfandel

photo by  Blonde Cravings

Course #4: Fire Roasted Merguez Salad

Stone Fruit, Winter Greens, Fig Preserve, Hazelnuts 

2014 Merlot

photo by  Blonde Cravings

Course #5: Lacquered Beef Cheek

Braised Heirloom Carrots, Sea Island Red Beans, John Red Grits

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon   

photo by  Blonde Cravings

Dessert:  Assorted Homemade Petits Fours


If you are thinking about giving a wine dinner a try, we highly recommend it! Between learning about the winery itself, getting to try new wines paired with incredible dishes, the experience is the perfect night out! You are even given the option to buy the bottles of wine you liked the best at the end. Amazing!

Thank you again SoDel Concepts for this opportunity. For more wine dinners and lunches presented by SoDel Concepts check out their events page: www.sodelconcepts.com/events

Fried Chicken Throwdown

Last night was La Vida Hospitality's 2nd Annual Fried Chicken Throw-down. Blonde Cravings was lucky enough to be selected as one of the 7 judges. Competing in this years competition was Chefs Sean and Matt from Fork + Flask, Chef Billy from Taco Reho, Chef Dom from Crooked Hammock and Bob the Rehoboth Foodie

Judging was based on three VERY IMPORTANT fried chicken categories:

1. Crispiness

2. Flavor

3. Juiciness


Time to bring out the chicken. 🐥

First up - Chef Dom from Crooked Hammock

Favorite part of this dish for us was the cheddar jalapeño biscuit & the pickled onions

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

Next up - Chef Billy from Taco Reho

Favorite part of this dish for us was the jalapeño apple slaw. Plus, you can't go wrong with chicken and waffles!

Photo by Blonde Cravings

Photo by Blonde Cravings

Next up - Chef Sean and Matt from Fork + Flask

Favorite part of this dish for us was the dipping sauce. It had a nice kick to it that complimented the chicken so perfectly!

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

Next up - Bob The Foodie

Favorite part of this dish for us was the flavor of the chicken. One of the ways Bob flavored it was with Starbucks tea! So unique and delicious!

Photo by  Blonde Cravings

As you can imagine it was pretty difficult to pick a winner. We were all laughing because we were told to rank everything on a scale of 1 - 10 but it really turned out to be a scale of 6 - 10 because everything was SO GOOD! 

But ultimately a winner had to be chosen...


Again with another food competition win. These guys are on a roll! 

Also a big congrats to Bob The Foodie for coming in 2nd place! 

Packing with Planet Box

Packing your lunch seems so easy. Why would you wait in line to spend money on an okay tasting lunch near the office when you could bring your own well-prepared meal from home? 

But when you've hit snooze on your alarm 5 times and you are running way behind, the last thing on your mind in the morning is packing your own [well balanced] lunch. 

That is no longer a problem thanks to Planet Box! PlanetBox serves as your easy guide for what and how much food to pack. They've seriously done all the hard work and thinking for you. All you have to do is fill the compartments with all of your favorite items and you're out the door!

I have the Rover box. It is perfect because I am one of those people who likes to have a little bit of everything for lunch. It fits up to 5 cups of food (+ a spot for a sweet treat) so I know I am getting a well balanced healthy meal. 

What I love most about Planet Box is that is helps you reduce the amount of trash you produce during the day. It allows you to place all of your food directly into the lunch box without having to wrap each individual items or fall into buying more pre packaged items (which are normally not the best for your diet). Any little bit counts to help make sure you’re doing your part to help the planet for future generations.

See below how I packed my meal for lunch today!

Meal: Fried Rice w/ Chicken Teriyaki / Avocado Toast / Carrots & Cucumber with Ranch Dressing

Interested in purchasing Planet Box? Visit them at www.planetbox.com

Created in partnership with Planet Box

La Vida Burger Battle

Burgers, burgers, and more burgers — La Vida Hospitality's first annual “Burger Battle” went down yesterday (Sept. 10) at Crooked Hammock Brewery in Lewes, DE. La Vida put their five  best chefs to the test to see who could create the best burger!

Participating chefs [ or flavor technicians as they call it ]  included Chef Billy Lucas from Taco Reho, Chef Hari Cameron from a(MUSE.), Chefs Sean Corea and Matt Reardon from Fork + Flask, Chef Dom Pondalfino from Crooked Hammock Brewery and Chef Geoff Allen from Big Chill Beach Club.

How this all went down was if you wanted to judge who had the best burger it was $20 - which got you a flight and a pint of Crooked Hammocks NEW Tailgater Pale Ale. You then voted on your favorite! 

Here is the line up - 


Carne y chorizo with chilles, queso americano, warm soggy bun. (+ adding crumbled potato chips and a squeeze of lime!)


a (MUSE.) - The Smokey Max Burger

Half-smoked bacon slider, fancy sauce, cabot cheddar, pickled onion, potato roll


Crooked Hammock - Better Brunch (than Fork + Flask) Burger

Scrapple, sausage patty with jack fire bacon, on everything brioche


Big Chill Beach Club - Porky McGoo

Double smoked bentons bacon, fried onions, parmesan bacon spread

Fork + Flask - Burgers That Will Make America Great Again

Hickman's grind, Cooper Sharp American, Kirby Holloway, Pepper Bacon, Smoked Onion, Melting Pot Aioli, Small Pickle .. Oh and FREEDOM!


As you can already tell -  these aren't your average burgers, and we such a difficult time deciding. There was something we LOVED about every single one of them.

Taco Reho had the perfect amount of spice (+ the chips and lime was a great touch!)

 a(MUSE.) killed it with that fancy sauce.

Crooked Hammock throwing shade at their competitor right of the bat + we are huge breakfast lovers.

Big Chill definitely won most creative name in our book!

Fork + Flask .. well ... 'MERICA!

Time to cast our vote -


While we waited for the results we had a chance to sit and enjoy Crooked Hammocks new release "Tailgater" Pale Ale. It is brewed with smoked malts and Magnum, Pacifica and Citra hops. This crushable pale ale's got a hoppy backbone and smooth finish. It pairs perfectly with chilly mornings, grilled food and pregaming [These are their words not mine.] I'm not even going to try to act like I am a beer aficionado. But I do know a good beer when I taste it, and I am definitely adding it to my 'favorites' list!

We were told though that it will only be available at the brewery on Sundays during the game. So make sure you head down there next weekend to try it for yourself!


The winner of the first annual La Vida Hospitality BURGER BATTLE goes to: 

FORK + FLASK - Burgers That Will Make America Great Again!

Congrats to Chefs Matt and Sean! You guys created one hell of a burger. 


If you're not already, be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all the fun foodie stuff we are doing around Delmarva. Plus - you would have known who the winner was yesterday. ha!