How To Eat Healthier On The Go

Between running our own business and planning a wedding, my lifestyle can sometimes be completely chaotic. My goal for 2018 is to start eating a little cleaner and healthier.


For those of you who may not know, Nick and I are getting married in September. Between running our business and planning the wedding [which is no joke!], I'm usually running off of multiple cups of coffee and eating whatever is "quick" in between photoshoots. By the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is make dinner. I have tried the meal delivery services and the "quick meals ideas" on Pinterest. Yeah they were great, but neither were practical or worth the money. We have resorted to quite a bit of take out in 2018, which clearly isn't the healthiest - and I have to fit in to a wedding dress in 6 months! [eek!]

Enter: Eduplated

Eduplated is an app that helps you make smarter nutritional decisions for your lifestyle with a virtual dietitian - so you never have to leave your house. This is so perfect, because I do not have time to be prepping food for an hour everyday, let alone make multiple appointments to meet with a dietitian. 


I signed up for Eduplated, because for me,  I am looking to cut back on my dairy and sugar intake as well as just eat cleaner overall without spending a couple hours a week meal prepping or cooking meals that take over an hour.

I was paired with Morgan RDN who created a personalized meal plan for me - complete with recipe links, recommended brands, serving sizes, substitutions, and other tips to help me reach my goals.

Here are some of the meals she put together for me. 


Avocado Toast / Veggie & Fruit Smoothie / Oatmeal with fruit. 

This all is simple, healthy breakfast ideas that took me under 5 minutes to make and 5 minutes to eat. Exactly what I needed. 


Apples with Almond Butter / Hummus and Veggies / Granola Bar. 

All of these snacks were easy to take on the go and were actually flavorful. Who wants a bland snack? Not me. 


Tuna Salad with Lettuce & Spinach / Greek Salad

These two meals were stepping out of my comfort zone. I have never eaten either of these meals before, but they were actually incredibly delicious and didn't leave me feel disgustingly full. Yay for new favorite recipes!


Homemade Flatbread / Salmon with Salad / Shrimp & Zoodles

Now that I've been eating 3 balanced meals a day (+ snacks) , I'm having an easier time with portion sizes at dinner. I know longer have to make up my calories at dinner by binge eating.

The second I saw Morgan put seafood in my meal plan, I got super stoked. I am a huge seafood lover, so trying a new simple recipe with my favorite food had me looking forward to making dinner this week. 

Why you should try Eduplated

Forget the meal delivery services, the Pinterest diets, and the juice cleanses. EduPlated is for individuals, parents, and children who are looking to eat healthier and live a more active lifestyle. Their nutritional advice is great if you're looking for weight-loss, nutritional plans for medical conditions, mitigating food allergies, and enhanced athletic performance.

Individuals select from (I) monthly for $49, (II) 3-months for $135 ($45/month) or (III) 12 months for $449 ($36/month). All plans include:

  • Pairing with the right dietitian based upon client goals and needs
  • Unlimited interaction with your dietitian, anytime, anywhere
  • Caloric assessment, nutrition analysis, customized meal plans and much more

To get started with EduPlated, download the app here.  

For 15% off your first month use code blondecravings15 at checkout.

Created in Parntership with EduPlated. All opinions and content are my own.