Eat From The Menu

We feature a lot of amazing food on our TV show, The Menu, and are always getting asked exactly what dishes we ate and which ones were our favorite. So we decided to do a round up of all the food we have eaten on the show, so you know exactly what to order when you visit these restaurants!

[ Featured in the order the episodes aired] 


Crab Dip

Fish and Chips

Shrimp Alfredo Pizza

Chili Cheeseburger

Drunken Grilled Cheese

Orange Crush

Banana Split

Gary's Dewey Beach Grill / 38°-75° - Dewey Beach, DE

Turkey Cheesesteak

38°-75° Sample Brews

Woody's Dewey Beach - Dewey Beach, DE

Seared Ahi Tuna

Crab Cakes

Blackened Salmon Tacos

Loaded Baked Potato

Just Hooked - Fenwick Island, DE

Grilled Brocolli

Pan Seared Scallops

Rustic Ciopinno

Key Lime Pie

Off The Hook - Bethany Beach, DE


Hot Salad

Pan Seared Chicken

Dayboat Scallops

Heirloom - Lewes,DE

Venison Tartare

Pan Seared Arctic Char

Banana 5 Way

The Buttery - Lewes, DE

Confit Mallard Duck

Boneless Pork Loin

Braised Lamb Shank

Pig and Publican - Lewes, DE


Steak Tartare

Duck Toast

Lamb Cheesesteak

The Grand Burger

Chicken Schnitzel & Waffles


Waffle Bread Pudding

Surf Bagel - Lewes, DE

Breakfast Burrito

Bacon Egg & Cheese

Malibu Bunny

Mor-Pheen Coffee

Pickled Pig Pub - Rehoboth Beach, DE

Fried Pickles

Kung Pao

Bruschetta Mussels

Cheese Plate

PB&J Burger

Pretzel Turkey Sandwich

Drunken Noodles

Short Rib


Fish Taco

There ya have it! All the food we have eaten on The Menu. If you go out and try any of these dishes we would love to know what you think about them! Feel free to tag us in your Facebook and Instagram Posts (@blondecravings) or shoot us an email! 

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